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Design Considerations

  • Please allow as much notice as possible to ensure we are able to
    meet your requirements.
  • A minimum of 10 days notice is required for design and carving.
  • Allow us to consider design options and suggest alternatives. Our experience may help to avoid the pitfalls of a design that may not be suited to the conditions expected.

Display Considerations

  • The sculpture may appear frosted when it is unwrapped. This is normal and it will clear within 20 minutes. It is not recommended to speed the process by heating in any way; this may cause cracking.
  • Display tables need to be of a sturdy design that will stand the weight.
  • A cloth or non-slip pad is required under the sculpture to prevent the sculpture sliding.
  • Lighting from below is most effective.
  • Drip trays will be required for indoor events.


For events out side of Christchurch southern ice can arrange the transport on behalf of the client.

Southern Ice