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Sculpture types

Design options include:

Southern Ice
  • Table centerpieces
  • Company logos
  • Feature carvings
  • Product launches
  • Products frozen in ice
  • Advertising
  • Wedding centerpieces
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Drink luge
  • Bowls & platters
  • Bars
  • Live demonstrations

Free-standing sculptures

Southern Ice
The classic style of sculpture based on a broad range of themes can be produced out of a single block or can be assembled from a number of blocks by freezing blocks or components together to form larger features.
Snow-fill designs

These sculptures are based on a design etched into a block. Designs are often based on logos, line drawings or photos. The etching produces snow which is re-frozen in the block and when displayed against a dark background this sculpture has the effect of a black and white picture in ice
Southern Ice
Suspended products

Southern Ice
Items and products can be frozen into blocks for displays and product launches.

A combination of techniques can be incorporated into one sculpture. Snow-fill designs and suspended product blocks are usually finished with a decorative surface carving and plinth to add to the visual appeal.
Southern Ice