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About Us
Southern Ice has operated since 1995,we are based in Christchurch and cover the South Island with the distribution of party ice.

In 2008 Southern Ice obtained our New Zealand food safety programme approval on ice manufacture and distribution ,We are the only South Island ice business to have achieved this standard our packing process is completely automated and this allows us to guarantee the high quality of our ice products.

Ice Sculptures … the cool way to impress your guests and clients

Christchurch based company ‘Southern Ice’ has paved the way in the production of ice sculptures for the South Island of New Zealand and is ready to transform your next event in the coolest way possible.

Technology and creativity combined with sound international experience and knowledge gives the team at Southern Ice a competitive edge when it comes to designing and delivering a unique sculpture for your event.

A container of water placed in a freezer will freeze with visible air bubbles and stress fractures … totally unsuitable for carving. Southern Ice has invested in the technology and has perfected the process required to produce crystal clear blocks of ice to an international standard specification. Ice sculptures are based on single blocks or multiples of blocks which can be joined to form larger sculptures or alternatively cut down to form multiple smaller sculptures. A single block measures 100cm x 50cm x 25cm and weighs 100kg.

A well planned and designed ice sculpture will last the duration of most events. Customers are always pleasantly surprised by the length of time that it takes for sculptures to melt and the design of some sculptures, especially abstract designs, will mean they continue to improve in appearance as time elapses. Our design advice will always take into account the location, duration and format of the planned event to ensure a sculpture that lasts the distance.

Talk to us early in the planning phase of your event or function to maximise your opportunity to add the ‘wow factor’ associated with a well executed ice feature. Come to us with a design in mind or work with us to develop an idea that is customised to your particular needs.